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The business of sustainability

ThamesWey is an independent limited company with a single shareholder in Woking Borough Council.

It was set up in 1999 to deliver on the council’s strategic objectives which, at the time, were mainly focused on tackling climate change through carbon reduction. Those environmental priorities have since evolved into the Woking 2050 strategy which places sustainability at the heart of broader efforts to meet the demands of development and the local economy.

This means that ThamesWey can deliver on sustainability commitments in ways that purely commercial companies can’t, while having the freedom to compete in open markets. The result is high quality projects that fund further sustainability work and provide a source of revenue for Woking Borough Council that helps keep important services running.

We’ve found that delivering public benefit for communities is good business.


Poole Road Energy Centre – Woking Town Centre

Woking’s new low-carbon energy centre on Poole Road is coming out of the ground.

Harrington Place – Woking Town Centre

ThamesWey has completed and taken over this landmark new residential scheme in Woking.



Earn Your Deposit Scheme The incentive known as ‘Earn Your Deposit’ operated by ThamesWey Housing has been suspended in light of Woking Borough Council’s financial position. The voluntary scheme was launched in 2018 to help those living in ThamesWey rented accommodation for more than two years, get a foothold on the property ladder. An incentive […]

ThamesWey secures internationally recognised certification for its Environmental Management System

EMS 747491

In support of ThamesWey’s ambition to make continual improvements to its environmental performance, ThamesWey has implemented an Environmental Management System conforming to the internationally recognised standard ISO 14001. The British Standards Institution (BSI) were chosen as the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited certification body, to certify ThamesWey’s management system. BSI conducted two stages of […]

ThamesWey wins £9.4m Government support for lower carbon heat


ThamesWey Energy’s plans to expand and decarbonise the supply of heat to Woking town centre have received £9.4m of Government support through the national Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP).    Over the next 7 years, the funding will help towards the costs of extending Woking’s heat and cooling networks to supply energy to new developments […]

Case Studies

Large-scale retrofit, delivered at pace – Stories from three recipients


Read how three more Surrey residents have benefitting from a warmer, greener home and lower energy bills after applying to Action Surrey.

Battery storage – Two years on from ThamesWey’s Tesla Trial

Tesla powerwall

Find out how ThamesWey’s innovative battery storage system has helped lower carbon emissions over the last 2 years.

Green Jump Surrey – See how three residents have benefitted


Read how three more Surrey residents have benefitting from a warmer, greener home and lower energy bills after applying to Green Jump Surrey.