About Us


The business of sustainability

ThamesWey is an independent limited company with a single shareholder in Woking Borough Council.

It was set up in 1999 to deliver on the council’s strategic objectives which, at the time, were mainly focused on tackling climate change through carbon reduction. Those environmental priorities have since evolved into the Woking 2050 strategy which places sustainability at the heart of broader efforts to meet the demands of development and the local economy.

This means that ThamesWey can deliver on sustainability commitments in ways that purely commercial companies can’t, while having the freedom to compete in open markets. The result is high quality projects that fund further sustainability work and provide a source of revenue for Woking Borough Council that helps keep important services running.

We’ve found that delivering public benefit for communities is good business.


Middle Walk

ThamesWey has submitted its planning application for the refurbishment of the flats above Wolsey Place in Woking Town Centre.

Lockwood Path

ThamesWey has started developing a third set of family sized affordable homes for Woking Borough Council.


ThamesWey installs Tesla Powerwalls in a unique centralised storage system

Tesla powerwall

ThamesWey has installed three Tesla Powerwall batteries in one of its substations as part of an innovative centralised storage system.

ThamesWey funding to help vulnerable Woking residents stay warm


More help is available for vulnerable Woking residents who live in properties that are costly to heat to stay warm in their homes this winter.

Winners of the Children’s Build a Home for Wildlife Competition


ThamesWey is pleased to announce the winners of their Children’s Build a Home for Wildlife competition.

Case Studies

Sustainable Housing Retrofit – Cowshot & Manor Crescent

Cowshot & Manor

The Cowshot & Manor Crescent energy efficiency project was ThamesWey’s first large scale housing retrofit scheme.

Sustainable Housing – Rydens Way

RY 1

Rydens Way is a development of properties ranging from 1 and 2 bedroom apartments to 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses that combine traditional architectural styles with high standards of sustainable design.

Landmark sustainable building supplied by ThamesWey


The world’s leading conservation organisation, WWF-UK has connected its new UK HQ building (’The Living Plant Centre’) to ThamesWey’s low carbon energy supply in Woking town centre.