December 8, 2021


ThamesWey’s longstanding ‘Action Surrey’ project delivers domestic energy efficiency services to the local area on behalf of a partnership of Surrey local authorities. In the last year Action Surrey has been working hard to deliver the ‘Green Jump Surrey’ project, helping Surrey residents access the Green Homes Grant to improve the energy efficiency and environmental performance of their homes.  550 households have benefitted from this project so far, read on for examples of the improvements that have been achieved.

Mr Zaman in Woking had always been deeply interested in installing solar PV, and thanks to the Green Jump Surrey project, finally got his chance. He was appreciative that the Green Jump Surrey application process has been fast, clear and efficient and is pleased to now have 12 solar photovoltaic panels generating free, renewable electricity. The property was also suitable for both loft and cavity wall insulation, which were installed alongside the solar panels, to create a home that feels much warmer as a result.

Mr Zaman’s solar PV installation in Woking, generating renewable electricity even on a cloudy day. Installed through Green Jump Surrey to complement loft and cavity wall insulation.

Mr Halimic in Old Woking benefitted from a similar blend of insulation and renewables to boost the efficiency of his 1950s property. The loft and cavity walls were insulated and the roof is home to a new solar thermal system, which generates renewable hot water, and a 4kW solar PV system to provide renewable electricity. The combined environmental benefits of these measures have improved the Energy Performance Certificate or ‘EPC’ rating of his property from D60 to an above average C71. The property will use around 5,000 kWh less of energy, which equates to a saving of around £600 and 2.7 tonnes of carbon per year. Mr Halimic was grateful that the scheme had supported this level of improvement and that Action Surrey had provided such a friendly, helpful service to make this happen.

Left: A ten panel 4kW solar photovoltaic system. Centre: The new solar hot water tank, to store the solar generated hot water. Right: A double panel, flat plate solar thermal collector. Renewables were complemented by cavity wall and loft insulation.

In Guildford, Mr Franzoni also benefitted from a fully funded solar PV system through Green Jump Surrey. Action Surrey’s trusted contractors set up a 5kW system with 15 panels on the roof. Mr Franzoni is very proud to be the first on his street to be powering his home using his own source of renewable energy, as well receiving payment for any excess that he exports to the national grid, as part of the Smart Export Guarantee.

Since there is no space between the boundary of his property and the pavement, a complex scaffolding arrangement and permission had to be arranged to access the roof safely. Mr Franzoni also wanted to externally insulate his solid brick walls, as it was difficult and expensive to heat the house to a comfortable level when the heat escaped easily. The close proximity to the pavement meant was a challenge, but Action Surrey’s trusted contractors found a solution that worked for all by insulating the rear wall of the property, which was also funded through Green Jump Surrey. All these improvements raised the home’s energy efficiency rating from a D rating scoring 59 points on the EPC, up to a spectacular 80 points which is a C rating.

The rear side of the property, where the solid brick walls were externally insulated.

The Green Jump Surrey project has enhanced the environmental performance of the homes, and has encouraged the homeowners to consider further improvements. These applicants all expressed no hesitancy in apply for future grants, with aspirations for further insulation, upgrading double glazing and installing an air source heat pump.