Consultancy and Support Services

ThamesWey Sustainable Communities Limited (TSC) provides a wide range of support services to the ThamesWey Group and our customers. TSC offers technical, strategic and project management services to both public and private sector clients in the fields of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation.


Technical and Strategic Consultancy

Sustainable energy, in relation to planning and development, has formed a large part of TSC’s work over recent years. The provision of consultancy services to local authorities on the development and implementation of decentralised low carbon and renewable energy policies is now part of our core business. Our expertise spans energy modelling, heat, power and emissions mapping, advising on policy research and development, project cost evaluation and all aspects of setting up and operating ESCos.


Project Management

TSC provides project management assistance to the ThamesWey Group of companies to provide vertically integrated decentralised energy solutions to its existing and new customers. This includes engineering and project management of current and new customer connections and provision of customer services for our ESCos.


Customer Services

TSC maintains all of the ThamesWey Group of Companies customer relationships. This includes smart energy metering, billing and revenue collection for over 1,000 commercial and domestic customers supplied by ThamesWey Energy. We are also able to offer these services to other community energy suppliers, landlords and asset managers.