ThamesWey Limited

The Council established ThamesWey Limited in 1999 to make long-term energy and environmental project investments in support of what subsequently became the Council’s Climate Change Strategy. In 2004 the company’s remit was extended to include provision of affordable homes in support of the Council’s Housing Strategy. In 2008 the company’s remit was further extended to take forward redevelopment proposals for parts of the Borough.

ThamesWey Sustainable Communities Ltd

ThamesWey Sustainable Communities provides customer services and administration for all ThamesWey companies, as well as provide technical, strategic and project management services to both public and private sector clients in the fields of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and ESCO development

ThamesWey Maintenance Services Ltd

ThamesWey Maintenance Services provide operations and maintenance services of the core energy assets and ancillary equipment of the ThamesWey Group and provide specialist contracting expertise to third parties.

ThamesWey Energy Ltd

ThamesWey Energy was established in 1999 to provide a long term strategy of sustainable energy infrastructure investment both within the borough of Woking and elsewhere, with the objective of securing carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. The company achieves this through its generation, distribution and supply of sustainable, low carbon and renewable energy to public, commercial and private domestic customers in the borough (and Milton Keynes via its subsidiary).

ThamesWey Central Milton Keynes Ltd

ThamesWey Central Milton Keynes was established to build and operate a Combined Heat and Power station to deliver district heating and a private wire network in the central business district in Milton Keynes.

ThamesWey Solar Ltd

ThamesWey Solar was set up as a joint venture with Total Gas and Power to install and operate photovoltaic (PV) panels throughout the Borough, on Council owned housing, community buildings, and third party owned buildings.

ThamesWey Housing Ltd

ThamesWey Housing was established to support the Woking Borough Council Housing and Economic Development Strategies through the provision of additional residential accommodation of all types. It has an objective to provide affordable homes to those who, due to their circumstances, are unable to access open market provision but are also unlikely to be able to access social rented accommodation.

ThamesWey Guest Houses Ltd

ThamesWey Guest Houses was set up in 2013 with the intention of offering a bed and breakfast service within the Borough of Woking. This company is not yet trading; more information will be provided once the company is operational.

ThamesWey Developments Ltd

ThamesWey Developments develop both commercial and residential schemes which further the Council’s ambitions. Our first major scheme was the Hoe Valley Scheme.

Rutland (Woking) Ltd

The company was formed as a joint venture between ThamesWey Developments Ltd and Rutland Properties Ltd.

Rutland Woking (Carthouse Lane) Ltd

The company was formed to progress a development at Carthouse Lane, Woking.

Brunswick Road (Pirbright) Residents Company Ltd

* This company is not currently trading

Rutland Woking (Residential) Ltd (RWRL)

The Company changed its name from ‘Rutland Woking Westminster Court Ltd’ at its Board Meeting in September 2015.