ThamesWey Ltd

The Council established ThamesWey Limited in 1999 to make long-term energy and environmental project investments in support of what subsequently became the Council’s Climate Change Strategy. In 2004 the company’s remit was extended to include provision of affordable homes in support of the Council’s Housing Strategy. In 2008 the company’s remit was further extended to take forward redevelopment proposals for parts of the Borough.

With the launch of the Council’s ‘Woking 2050 Strategy’ the Group aims to adopt the main strategic goals:

  • Protect and enhance the quality of the natural environment;
  • Promote the wise use of resources and conserve biodiversity;
  • Deliver a built environment which is developed sustainably, meets local needs and enables the local economy to prosper;
  • Prepare and adapt to the socio-economic, environmental and demographic changes of the future;
  • Commercial elements of ThamesWey Group supporting the council to deliver council functions.

In effect to work towards enabling the development of ‘sustainable communities’.

Executive Directors
  • Louise Strongitharm
Independent Non-Executive Directors
  • Dr Barry Maunders
  • William Prescott
  • Terry Price
  • Paul Grimshaw
Woking Borough Council Councillor Directors
  • Cllr Ayesha Azad
  • Cllr Colin Kemp
  • Cllr Debbie Harlow
  • £1 Ordinary Shares
  • Woking Borough Council (32,193,231)