ThamesWey Central Milton Keynes Ltd

In 2007, ThamesWey Central Milton Keynes (TCMK) was set up as a subsidiary of ThamesWey Energy Ltd and owns and operates an Energy Station in Central Milton Keynes.  TCMK was established to build and operate a Combined Heat and Power station to deliver district heating and a private wire network in the central business district in Milton Keynes.

The Energy Station is located on Avebury Boulevard in Central Milton Keynes.  At the heart of the station are two CHP units that are fuelled by natural gas and have an electrical output of 6.4 MW.  The station supplies electricity and heat, via a district-heating and private wire network to The Hub, (a development comprising hotels, apartments and offices), Vizion, (a development comprising apartments, commercial outlets and a large Sainburys store) and The Pinnacle (the largest office development in Milton Keynes).  It also has the capacity to supply electricity and heat to a proposed new residential area in the west end of Central Milton Keynes.  The area served currently has a radius of some 1.5 km.

Independent Non-Executive Directors
  • Dr Barry Maunders
  • William Prescott
  • Paul Grimshaw
Woking Borough Council Councillor Director
  • Cllr Ayesha Azad
  • £1 Ordinary Shares
  • ThamesWey Energy Ltd (1,110,00)