June 16, 2022


Between October 2020 and March 2021, ThamesWey delivered the largest energy efficiency retrofit project to date in Surrey. The project ‘Green Jump Surrey’ distributed £6m of grant funding to 594 low-income homes in Surrey, with funds provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Local Authority Delivery scheme.

Each household will cut an average of £660 off their annual energy bills, in April 2022 prices, at a time when energy costs are at an all time high. With energy costs projected to rise even further this Autumn, the financial benefits to the recipient low-income households will be even greater.

The reduction in energy consumption from the 775 energy efficiency measures installed will also avoid 844 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Over the lifetime of these long-term improvements, the saving is equivalent to 3,211 times the average annual household carbon footprint.

Green Jump Surrey delivered the 3rd highest number of upgrades out of 90 similar projects across England, despite the very limited timescales and wider industry challenges that existed over the project duration.

Read the executive summary below for a more in-depth breakdown of the project’s achievements.

A property insulated externally, topped with a high quality silicone rendered finish. Funded in full through Green Jump Surrey.