May 8, 2017


ThamesWey Housing, working with Action Surrey, is delighted to announce the launch of a large scale programme to improve the energy efficiency of rented properties in the local area.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Lower fuel bills for ThamesWey Housing tenants,
  • Improve the thermal performance and comfort of ThamesWey properties,
  • Reduce the environmental impact of private rented properties in the area.

Action Surrey (Surrey’s energy efficiency partnership operated by ThamesWey) is arranging carrying out domestic energy assessments to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency, and arranging for these measures to be installed through its network of local installers. ThamesWey Housing’s overall aim through this programme is to upgrade all housing stock to a minimum ‘C’ energy efficiency rating in preparation for the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards that are coming into force in April 2018. The programme will not only ensure ThamesWey Housing tenants benefit from more comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly homes, but will also ensure ThamesWey’s properties are better than the minimum standard when these new regulations come into force.

As part of this programme, Action Surrey is also developing a large scale retrofit project for 50 former Ministry of Defence properties now owned by ThamesWey Housing. The homes are to have an energy efficiency ‘make-over’, with insulating roof tiles, solar photovoltaic panels and external solid wall insulation to be installed. The pilot stage of this project is now underway with insulating roof tiles being fitted to the first four properties, as well as PV panels and wall insulation. Once complete, Action Surrey will assess the benefits from these measures to see how much the energy efficiency rating has been improved, before proceeding to complete the make-over of the remaining 46 properties.