November 15, 2018


Around 50 homes in Cowshot Crescent had had external wall insulation and solar PV panels installed over the last year as part of a programme of work to upgrade the energy efficiency and sustainability of ThamesWey housing.

As part of a 12-month pilot project, smart battery experts Moixa have installed 11 units that use technology to store solar energy generated during the day for use at night. The software can also top up the batteries from the grid at night when when tariffs are at their lowest when solar-generated energy runs low.

Moixa filmed a case study featuring Cowshot Crescent residents as well as ThamesWey’s Chief Operating Officer Mark Rolt and Environmental Projects Assistant Sam Pepper.

Sam said: “These batteries will enable residents to store unused solar energy generated throughout the day, to be used when the sun goes down. The benefits for our tenants are two-fold – they will have even greater savings on their bills by not having to buy the electricity stored for later, and they’ll also reduce their carbon footprint as they are using renewable solar energy rather than grid electricity.”

Moixa’s GridShare software works to maximise the benefits that tenants get from their batteries, incorporating a number of data sources, such as historic measurements from the system and weather forecasting for the period in question to generate a plan for the battery which saves tenants the most money.

Mark Finn, Project Manager at Moixa, said: “We are very happy to work with partners like ThamesWey and introduce their community to our batteries and software in order to help to support local renewable energy generation and self-consumption, consequently reducing tenant energy bills and CO2 emissions in the area.”