November 25, 2014


Thanks to Action Surrey, one happy resident in Waverley has been able to reap the benefits of installing solid wall insulation on her property.  Mrs Gunasekara, a Farnham resident, had external solid wall insulation installed in 2014 through Action Surrey’s advice and support, which included a £6,000 grant.  She was keen to improve the warmth and comfort of her home, and after installing loft insulation, wanted to explore solid wall insulation to solve the ‘freezing cold’ temperatures she was experiencing, as well as issues with condensation.

She was extremely pleased with the support and funding that was provided by Action Surrey, stating that she ‘couldn’t have afforded it otherwise’ and also stated that it was worthwhile for the improved look of the property (as shown in the before and after photographs below) in addition to other benefits, such as the rooms at the front of the house where insulation had been installed feeling warmer and more comfortable.

Comparison before and after_gunasekara

Mrs Gunasekara would also recommend that any Surrey residents in a similar situation contact Action Surrey’s new ‘Streets Ahead’ project, which is offering a £3500 grant towards the cost of solid wall insulation, as it allows residents to have competitive quotes prepared from a range of Green Deal Providers and Installers.

If you are interested in benefitting from solid wall insulation, or would like to find out more information about how to claim your £3,500 grant, please contact the Streets Ahead team:

Call: 0333 014 3620