May 5, 2014


18540771_l (2) large piggy bankDomestic RHI – launched on 9 April 2014 and is open to homeowners, private landlords, social landlords and self-builders.

The domestic RHI is targeted at, but not limited to, homes off the gas grid. Those without mains gas have the most potential to save on fuel bills and decrease carbon emissions.

The domestic RHI will pay the following tariffs per unit of heat generated for seven years:

Technology Tariff
Air-source heat pumps 7.3p/kWh
Ground and water-source heat   pumps 18.8p/kWh
Biomass-only boilers and   biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers 12.2p/kWh
Solar thermal panels (flat   plate and evacuated tube for hot water only) 19.2 p/kWh

The tariffs have been set at a level that reflects the expected cost of renewable heat generation over 20 years. Payments will be made on a quarterly basis.

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