February 13, 2015


Since launching in the summer of 2014, Action Surrey’s ‘Streets Ahead’ project has managed to assist a number of non-cavity wall households across surrey that have experienced high energy costs and colder rooms which take longer to heat. The project provides a £3,500 grant towards the cost of solid wall insulation, which can reduce the rate at which heat passes through the walls, known as the ‘thermal transmittance’. This allows for:

  • Rooms to be heated more quickly and stay warmer for longer;
  • Energy bills to be reduced by up to £460 a year*;
  • The risk of condensation to be reduced;
  • Residents to renovate their property and potentially increase it’s value

Over the past few weeks streets ahead have visited properties across Surrey that have had the work completed, with a thermal imaging camera to highlight the amount of heat retained as a result of the solid wall insulation being installed. The thermal image below is of a recently insulated property in Woking. The different colours represent the relative heat loss through the walls:

  • Red/orange represents – Poor insulation / High heat loss
  • Yellow represents – Average Heat loss
  • Green/Blue represents- Good insulation/ Low heat loss


In the image the insulated property appears as green/blue which indicates that less heat is being lost through the walls to the outside. This demonstrates that the insulation is being effective in retaining heat and will subsequently reduce the fuel bills for the resident.

Compare this to the adjoining uninsulated property in the photograph which appears as yellow, indicating that more heat is transmitting through the walls. Residents in these types of properties are more likely to experience higher energy bills, colder rooms and a higher risk of condensation.

Through Action Surrey’s ‘Streets Ahead’ project, these residents can prevent these issues from recurring in the future. You too can feel the benefits of solid wall insulation thanks to a guaranteed £3,500 grant for 435 Surrey residents towards the cost of the installation, as well as a subsidised Green Deal Assessment at £49 + VAT (usually £99) in order to access this and other funding streams.

Contact Streets Ahead today to arrange your free assessment and take one step towards warming your home this winter:

Call – 0333 014 3620

Click – www.actionsurrey.org/streetsahead

* Figures according to Energy Saving Trust (2014) and are based on installing EWI.