November 28, 2016


ThamesWey Sustainable Communities project, Action Surrey, has just launched a new website to help local residents and organisations stay warm, reduce their energy costs, and reduce their environmental impact.

As the county’s leading provider of energy saving advice, we are using the site to help people access approved contractors for energy saving property improvements such as wall or loft insulation, new boilers, solar panels and more.

When you enquire you will get access to your own unique profile tracking your installations, as well as giving you an insight into further actions you could take to save energy. The website will also feature an interactive blog for people to share their thoughts on anything from how they stay warm at home, to wider sustainability and energy issues that they wish to discuss.

John Scott, who helped to develop the website, said that “we think this is a great resource for local people to take positive action to improve their home and environment, and to share ideas and thoughts on how they want to do this”.

The new site is now live at For more information email or call 0800 783 2503.