September 25, 2019


ThamesWey’s planning application for the refurbishment of the flats above Wolsey Place on Middle Walk in Woking town centre has been approved. This included the landscape concept proposals for the green roof and living, green walls.

The works comprise:

  • An additional storey of residential accommodation comprising 7 studio flats above the east wing of Middle Walk;
  • Refurbishment of existing flats to improve the energy efficiency and thermal comfort;
  • Conversion of one existing 3 bed maisonette to a 1 bed flat to create space for a plant to allow connection to the Woking town centre district heat network and for an irrigation system for the green roof;
  • Landscape works including planting to roofs of east and west wing, planting to existing and new balconies and to rear wall of existing flat.

The project will be ThamesWey’s first development to include both living walls and a green roof. The east wing will host a lightweight extensive green roof incorporating wild-flowers and meadow grasses. The west wing will host a semi-intensive green roof including native species aimed at enhancing biodiversity.

More information will be available as the development progresses.