Covid-19 – an update from ThamesWey

Many of you will experience financial challenges during the Pandemic. For example, you may have had to close your business or have lost some or all of your income while you self-isolate or are placed on furlough. If this applies to you it is important that you please contact ThamesWey before you change any payments. Our teams are available on the phone or by e-mail if you think you are going to struggle to make payments and will work with you to come to an arrangement. There is a range of support available to you, including arranging delayed payment plans (including deferred payments and payment holidays) with us and seeking advice and support from local government. Please do not ignore the situation as your debts will accumulate if unpaid, it is important that we work together to agree affordable payment plans that reduce this burden on you when the Pandemic passes.

A new improved housing service

ThamesWey are a private landlord, based in Woking, covering Surrey and Hampshire. We currently have a property portfolio of around 600 properties which is growing rapidly. To help reduce costs for tenants, ThamesWey are making a point of capping all deposit amounts held to a maximum of 4 weeks’ worth the monthly rental amount, instead of the 5 weeks declared within the new Tenant Fee’s Act 2019. Not only that, On 1st April 2018 ThamesWey released a new scheme to help our tenants buy their own home, by giving money towards a deposit to purchase their own properties. Renting with ThamesWey can help you become a home-owner! When renting with us, you can report any maintenance queries and tenancy related issues directly to us ensuring it’s dealt with and allowing ThamesWey to provide the customer care and service we know our tenants deserve. We carry out yearly reviews of our housing portfolio to guarantee your ThamesWey property is maintained to a high standard. We have a vast property portfolio ranging from town centre studio apartments to slightly rural 4-bedroom properties. ThamesWey can help you find a property that is right for you!

ThamesWey fees and charges

Holding Fee: ThamesWey only require a £50 holding fee to secure the property subject to contract. This fee will then be refunded to you upon successful references. If a tenant fails referencing due to incorrect or false information being provided at this stage, the £50 is non-refundable.

Security Deposit: Equal to 1 months’ Rent.

First month’s rent up front: Advertised or agreed rental income per month.

Pets: Landlords discretion and agreed before the start of the tenancy, an additional £30.00 per pet each month will be added to the agreed monthly rental amount.

Tenancy Referencing: Fees do not apply.

Guarantor/additional references: Adults aged 18 and over (Fees do not apply).

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