Affordable Housing

Thameswey Housing Ltd currently owns and manages over 245 homes within the borough. A breakdown of the properties owned by the company is detailed below:

  • 49 Middle Walk flats, purchased as part of the Wolsey Place Shopping Centre. These are rented at full market value.
  • Over 170 other properties (mixture of flats and houses) which are rented out at an intermediate rent.
  • 10 houses at Brookwood Farm which have been sold on a shared ownership basis
  • The newest property which is available to rent at the end of July 2016, is Greenwood House, an exciting new development of contemporary studio apartments for rent designed exclusively for people working in and around Woking. The central location above Woking Fire Station has 33 modern units which are fully furnished, with their own secure storage and  on-site concierge. Further information available in related resources or email

The total invested in properties owned by the company is in excess of £44 million.

The total value of rental income from the properties owned by Thameswey Housing Ltd during 2012 was £2.2 million