Organisation Overview

Thameswey was established by Woking Borough Council, through cross party collaboration and agreements, to assist the Council in furthering its objectives across its Climate Change Strategy, Community and Housing strategies.

The Thameswey Group is structured as a number of wholly-owned individual companies, joint venture companies and subsidiaries. Since its formation in 1999, the group has grown through acquisitions and start-ups and diversified to provide a wide range of energy, environmental and affordable housing enterprises.  All profits from the operations of the Thameswey Group are utilised for the furtherance of energy efficiency and sustainable investment within the Borough.

Thameswey has successfully developed solutions to the technical, political and managerial issues inherent in the implementation of long term energy projects. Thameswey, through its energy and environmental activities, has been successful in progressing initiatives that have enabled the Council to achieve widespread recognition for its work on Climate Change and sustainable energy.

Thameswey provides a vertically integrated range of energy-related services, from design and consultancy through to operation, maintenance, customer services, metering and billing.  Our joint venture enterprises have added solar energy, land and property development to the Thameswey portfolio.  In addition, our affordable housing company (Thameswey Housing) provides nearly 250 homes to the intermediate, transitional and market rental sectors.